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G-Force AC1000

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Product Description

Descriptions Single Phase induction motor couple with
   Worm Gear Speed Reducer with manual override
  release Patented Mechanical Clutch  
Operating Voltage AC220-240 Supply  
Output Power 600W / AC Motor  
Motor Rotation Speed 1400 RPM  
Max. Weight of Gate 1000kg  
Velocity 10.m / Minute  
Current 5A Max  
Lubrication Grease Type  
Safety Device Mechanical Clutch (Patented)  
Safety Cut Off Auto Reverse Electronic Load Surge Detector  
IR Safety Beam Optional  
Safety Cut Off Auto Reverse Electronic Load Surge Detector  
Remote Controller 2 channel UHF PWM  
Upgrade to Metal Pinion Gear Optional  
Automatic Lighting Yes  
Safety Limit Timer Yes  
Auto Close On Adjustable Time Yes  
Simple Underbase For Proximity Card Yes  
& Loop Detector    

*Due to our continuous improvement to our products, some specifications may be different from the list. Some features may not be available due to some restriction from local authority of your country. Please refer to the local authorised dealer for details.