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"Committed to People, Committed to the Future".
Auto Gates Industries Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Auto Gates Sdn Bhd) was founded in 1982. With more than 30 years under its belt, Auto Gates Industries has become a brand name synonymous with high quality automation products such as transmitters, gear racks, hitch bearings, bottom rollers, nylon guides, solenoid locks, vibrator sensors, DC motors, AC Coils and Electronic Control Panels, OSK sliding systems, underground, piston arm and barrier arm autogate systems.

Auto Gates Industries began life as a key distributor of imported FACC products from Italy.

From those early years of close interaction with customers and market needs, Auto Gates morphed into a full-fledged manufacturer of auto gates products. Mr KS Wong, founder of Auto gates, whose burning ambition is to "make a better product", invested heavily in product research and development, manufacturing assets, human resource training and stringent quality control measures to produce auto gate products that is embodied in its patented in the UK, Australia and Malaysia Le'Tron brand (1985) .

From thence, Auto Gates has added substantial manufacturing assets to cope with its ever increasing suite of innovative auto gate products and house brands such as Celmer and CEI.

Today, Auto Gates Industries automation products are well received in markets from the region to the Middle East and through to Europe. And ever the innovator, Mr KS Wong has developed a range of cost saving D.I.Y. auto gate products for its hands on customers.

Auto Gates overarching motto is to lead the gate automation business in innovation, quality, service and all at very competitive prices. Nothing is ever static at Auto Gates as can be attested by the myriad patents filed and awarded.

With a growing headcount of more than fifty and the recent establishment of its largest manufacturing and R&D facility in Puncak Alam, Malaysia, Auto Gates is positioned to stretch its lead in the industry, not only in Malaysia, but to a much wider global presence.

Local dealers and international importers are welcomed to contact us for trade opportunities.

Our Milestones
1980 Mr Wong Kum Soon (KS Wong) founds Auto Gates Sdn Bhd as a specialist distributor and installer of Italian made FACC gate automation products.
1985 Auto Gates goes into gate automation manufacturing. Its Le'Tron brand was established with patents in the UK, Australia and Malaysia.
1990 Auto Gates becomes a recognized manufacturer of gate automation products and equipment.
1994 Establishment of large scale Sri Damansara manufacturing plant.
1996 The introduction of innovative features to its sliding automatic gates system augmented by its Celmer and CEI brand systems.
1998 Substantial ramp up in production of gate automation products and equipment to cater to export markets in Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Qatar, Australia, and Germany.
2001/3 Roll out of OSK553 Sliding gate and Barrier gate system with focus on commercial applications.
2005 Introduction of energy saving solar panelled G-Force Surface Mounting swing operator (SW700). The SW700 is also made available as a DIY kit.
2008 SW700 model is upgraded to SW700i , a more "current lifestyle" compact folding gate.
2010 Celmer Piston Style introduced for residential auto gate application.
2011 Acquisition of land and planning work for establishment of new state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility in Puncak Alam, Malaysia. Overseas market expansion to New Zealand, India and Indonesia.
2012 Completion of manufacturing and R&D plant in Puncak Alam
2013 Official move of operations to our Puncak Alam plant.


Auto Gates Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Wong Kum Soon
President & Managing Director

As President and Managing Director of the production and marketing division of Auto Gates Industries Sdn. Bhd., my vision is for Auto Gates Industries Sdn. Bhd. to become the suppliers of choice for automation products in a global market. To accomplish this goal we have established a company culture built around a Full Customer Satisfaction Procedure (FCSP). FCSP is our total commitment to understanding, meeting and exceeding our customers' needs and expectations. It is achieved through the total involvement of every Auto Gate's employee at every level within our organization. Nothing is more important to us than the product they need, when they need them and supporting them with the highest level of service.

While other manufacturers continue to produce similar products locally, we strive to expand our operations in the South East Asia region. In expanding our operation abroad we can stay closer to our customers and stay in touch with their needs so that we can continually provide them with the highest quality products and services they have grown to expect for the past 19 years.

I'm proud of our intense commitment to you --- our customer. Auto Gates is much more than state-of-the art facility. It is people who are skilled, dedicated, trained and highly motivated. It is products that are designed and produced here in Malaysia. It is the local sourcing of parts and components to improve what attained over the past 19 years and look forward to all that we are planning to accomplish in the 21st century.